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Constipation in Kids

Potty training is a milestone that a parent looks forward to probably more than many of the other milestones. The parents don't have to buy diapers, carry them around anymore, and try to find a clean place to change a diaper many times a day.

Unfortunately, potty training isn't easy. A parent needs to take the time and make the commitment to "train" his or her child to go on the potty. Many follow the three day method, sometimes it can take a week, and sometimes it can take a month or longer.

After "pee training" (the technical term), the parent moves on to poop training. Many children have a hard time getting rid of poop. It tends to cause constipation. A client once told me that her son would only poop on Sundays. We all knew it was so unhealthy for this child. She was referred from a medical doctor that offered her a few choices, one, which was taking her son to a "poop therapist" or a psychotherapist to understand the emotional side of it. I asked, "What did you do?" "How did you change this pattern of behavior?" The mother told me that she was at her wits end. She knew this was not okay for her son. She attended sessions to find out this was a control issue. Her son was controlling when he was going to poop and found his schedule to be most relaxed on Sundays. After changing his behavior and schedule, the mom got the child on a pattern and gave small rewards when he pooped until he was "regular."

So moms (or dads), your child will be potty trained sooner rather than later. Your child will not be the last child on Earth to be potty trained as it might feel like. Just be consistent, patient, and it will happen!

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