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Family Counseling Harrisburg, PA

They say family is your anchor during rough waters. But what happens if family problems are the trigger for the rough waters in your life? Family counseling serves as a haven to identify, discuss, and explore resolutions for a variety of family difficulties that prevent you from maintaining healthy relationships. 

Each family counseling session is held in a calming and comfortable space to encourage openness, objectivity, and the absence of judgment. A therapist works with your family to evaluate problems and understand each member's perspective. The therapists at Neurofeedback & Counseling Center of Pennsylvania choose the most appropriate treatment to resolve your issues and strengthen your family's relationship.

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What is Family Therapy and Counseling?

When families have counseling sessions together, the therapists usually use psychotherapy to help the family talk through their problems. 


Psychotherapy is a form of talking therapy that is used by licensed marriage and family counselors in sessions with individuals, couples, and families. Usually, families find they require multiple sessions to solve their problems and work through difficult situations. 

Our family counseling in Harrisburg PA helps you understand how often you need to meet, for how long, and if you need to meet as individuals, couples, or entire families.

Why Do Families Get Counseling?

Families often seek counseling services because individuals need help sharing, recognizing, and accepting needs, opinions, strengths, and weaknesses. Because families are filled with individuals, there will be moments of tension that many parents and children do not know how to work through to resolve their conflicts with each other.  

When the problems are not resolved, they can fester and grow. As this happens, individuals can develop their own set of psychological issues, such as depression or anxiety. Parents and children attend counseling sessions together to work through issues like:

  • Anger

  • Coping with health issues

  • Couples & Marriage Counseling

  • Custody issues

  • Divorce or separation

  • Family dynamics

  • Financial issues

  • Grief and loss

  • Individual mental health issues

  • Substance abuse

In many instances, each family counseling appointment is educational. Therapists teach behavioral and communication skills that help each individual find better ways to manage changes and conflicts. Together, the family can create goals and plans that will help them work through issues they encounter in the future. 

Families often come to Neurofeedback & Counseling Center of Pennsylvania when one member needs help to deal with addiction, substance abuse, or eating disorders. The rest of the family will meet with the therapist to help understand how they can help their family member exist safely and comfortably at home. 

Family therapy services are also used to help families manage significant life changes that can affect the mental health dynamics of the group. We often work with families who need help managing a major move to a new country, home, or school. We work with families, so they better adapt to adoption or a new birth, and we help blended families learn to live together harmoniously. When families have new life dynamics, they often need to find time to process them with a neutral outside party like a therapist. 

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Why Do Families Get Counseling?

Our family counseling in Harrisburg PA will often take the first appointment to meet with the person who raised interest in getting help. Afterward, we might ask that the members continue to meet together or separate depending on situations and schedules. If the conflict is between two members of the group rather than the entire group, those two individuals might meet with the therapist more often. The therapist will make scheduling suggestions based on each family’s unique needs which could involve couples therapy, support groups, or other therapy services.

Our Harrisburg PA therapists will hold family meetings in their offices. The office doors are always closed, so your session is private.

During the session, your therapist will ask everyone several questions and will expect honest answers. You might be asked about the positives and negatives of your relationships with each other, as well as the reason why you chose to attend counseling sessions. After learning about the conflict and the personalities of each individual present, the therapist will begin to help you recognize what each person can do in the relationships and how to work through problems with healthy, rational communication.

The therapist might also ask for some changes in the dynamics of the group. It is important that parents and children do not think the therapist is taking sides because they want the whole group to get along and function in the best possible way. If this becomes a problem revolving around the parents, the counseling sessions might turn into individual therapy or couples counseling.

You can expect to receive homework from a family therapist. These are opportunities to try therapeutic ideas in the real world. You might be asked to write letters to each other or to participate in an activity together. You will be given a timeline so that you can talk about the homework in the next session.

How Do You Begin Family Counseling?

If you think your family would benefit from counseling services, then the best thing to do is to call and make an appointment with Neurofeedback & Counseling Center of Pennsylvania.

If you think your family needs to find family counseling services, it is best to take care of it sooner rather than later. Our experienced counselors will work hand-in-hand with your family to help you strengthen your relationships with each other.

​At Neurofeedback & Counseling Center of Pennsylvania, we know that families will have problems that need special care. We understand that family members have their own personalities and that they sometimes conflict. But, families can recover from their differences to have healthy relationships.

Our family counseling services can be done in person or virtually. Contact us here to learn about our family counseling services and insurance coverage.


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