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What are YOU doing to become more mindful?

Written by: Amanda Levison, M.S., LMHC, LPC, CCBT

With today's technology and continually being on the go, it's hard to take the time to clear our minds and be present. You can achieve mindfulness by focusing one's awareness in the moment, while acknowledging and accepting one's feelings, thoughts, and body.

Mindfulness can be very beneficial. Mindfulness increases your awareness, understanding, and acceptance of emotions. It also encourages improvements in social skills and the ability to understand others' points of view.

Meditation is a great way to increase one's awareness and be more mindful. Meditation can focus one's mind for some time to reach a heightened level of consciousness or relaxation. There are several ways to practice meditation.

Meditation Preparation Tips:

  1. Pick a quiet place

  2. Choose calming music

  3. Wear comfortable clothing

  4. Start small with 5-10 minutes and gradually increase as you feel more comfortable

  5. Stretch first before you start your practice

  6. Get in a comfortable position

  7. If satisfied, close your eyes to decrease visual distractions

Technique #1

Breath Work

  1. Follow breath moving through your body

  2. Breathe in slowly

  3. Hold it

  4. Let the sigh out slowly

  5. Clear your mind. Focus on one thing, but don't be critical of yourself if your mind wanders. Acknowledge your distractions and then let them go.

  6. Try repeating a mantra or focus on an object.

Technique #2


  1. Choose a place that creates calmness for you

  2. Explore the area and the idea of being there

  3. When you're ready to end your practice or leave, take a few deep breaths before opening your eyes

Technique #3

Body Scan

  1. Close eyes and pick a starting point. Work from your head/face downward.

  2. Focus on each body part before moving to the next.

  3. Once you've relaxed every body part, focus on the body as a whole, and enjoy it.

  4. Pay attention to the breath as you ease yourself out of meditation.

Technique #4

Walking meditation

  1. Choose a quiet, peaceful location to walk

  2. Focus on the movement and change in your step

  3. Attempt to clear your mind and focus on the walk itself

Add meditation to your daily routine

- When waking up

- When brushing your teeth

- When taking a shower

- When drying your body

- When getting dressed

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