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Flu Shot Controversy

Written by: Amanda Levison, M.S., LMHC, LPC, CCBT

I have a friend who is very involved in the social media world and was active in a mom group where someone asked for an open opinion on flu shots. She shared her opinion and gave supporting reasons for it toward one side, and it got deleted. I think for someone to ask for an opinion, people need to be willing to hear it.

Many times people have their mind made up and need the extra push for encouragement but aren't always ready to hear an opposing side. My friend who informed me of being dropped from the posting is very well educated, eats healthy, very holistic, and had supporting articles. This wasn't someone who was trying to cause controversy but help others understand the toxins that go in to flu shots.

I have seen many people in my practice who chose to use vaccines for their children and later regret it. It is so important to research vaccines for yourself and your children, both the good and bad. Understand what some of the side effects may be and the benefits of getting them. If for any reason, their is a negative reaction due to a vaccination, it is important to feel secure that you made the best decision you could for yourself and/or your child.

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