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Positive Discipline

Written by: Amanda Levison, M.S., LMHC, LPC, CCBT

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In the "olden" days children were supposed to be seen and not heard. Now in the year 2015 things are much different. Many parents are afraid to discipline their children and they want to be their friends with their kids. Parents have fake accounts on Facebook and Instagram to follow their children, because they are too afraid to ask them what they are doing.

Discipline is not the same as punishment. Keeping a positive attitude and routine is beneficial for the children no matter what age. Disciplining your children does not have to be a negative experience for anyone.

Here are some positive discipline techniques to impact your children in a positive way:

1. Have a routine.

If the routine is, that the child is not to watch TV in the morning before he or she is dressed for school, don't make any exceptions. Follow the routine, and avoid confrontation. Remind your child this is what we do, and when he or she is dressed and ready for school, he or she can watch TV.

2. Don't make rules he or she can't keep.

If your child is not a "math student." Do not tell him or her that the only way to get the new IPhone is to get an A in math. It's not fair for your child. Keep rules realistic.

3. Remove temptations.

If your child is tempted to use the computer and the house rule is no computer time until after homework is done or after dinner, remove the computer from the homework area. Have it turned off and away from eyesight.

4. Have the children help make the routine that will work for your family.

The children want routine, just make it realistic for your family.

The most important part of discipline is that you are doing it. It does not need to be a screaming match. The most important thing is that you raise a well-rounded child that knows how to behave when he or she needs to.

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