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Clinical Supervision services

Are you close to becoming a licensed professional counselor or therapist? Have you completed all of your courses and are now seeking supervision hours? Gain invaluable hands-on experience and fulfill the requirement for licensure by enrolling in a clinical supervision group sponsored by the Neurofeedback & Counseling Center of Pennsylvania. These services are designed for post-Master's Degree counselors and therapists who are seeking licensure as licensed professional counselors (LPC) in the state of Pennsylvania.


Clinical Supervision Groups

Our small clinical supervision groups are a lifeline for actively practicing members looking to grow their expertise, gain additional in-the-field experience, and ultimately blossom into dedicated, caring, and ethical licensed counselors. We strive to keep these groups small - usually no more than 6 members - to enhance personal engagement, feedback, and attention. Our groups meet every other week for 2-hour sessions in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. You'll have the opportunity to work in a variety of behavioral health settings while a supervisory counselor provides training, coaching, feedback, and consultation throughout the process.


Individual Supervision

If you are a current or former clinical supervision group member, you have the option of completing individual supervision sessions. These sessions offer supervision, mentoring, coaching, and guidance in an invaluable one-on-one setting.


State Licensure Requirements

In the state of Pennsylvania, 50% of your required supervision hours can be completed in a group setting. However, before planning how you will complete your supervision hours, we highly recommend you review the guidelines for licensure set forth by the Pennsylvania State Board of Social Workers, Marriage and Family Social Workers, and Professional Counselors.  It is your responsibility to ensure you are following licensure guidelines appropriately and maintaining an accurate record of your supervision hours.  When you are ready to apply for licensure, the Neurofeedback and Counseling Center of Pennsylvania will provide you with the materials and documentation needed for your supervised hours.


Your Investment

  • Group Supervision - $40 per hour for pre-licensed counselors

  • Individual Supervision - $100 per hour for pre-licensed counselors and $120 per hour for active licensed counselors. Only current or former group members are eligible.


These fees may be tax-deductible.


More Information

To find out more information or to enroll, please contact the Neurofeedback and Counseling Center of Pennsylvania at (717) 202-2510 or by emailing

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