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Clients & Testimonials

"My son was 4 at the time when I brought him to see Amanda. He was acting out a lot at preschool, but not exhibiting the same behaviors outside of school, and when we tested him he had slight ADHD symptoms. We decided to try out neurofeedback since it could only help him. As the sessions went by his behavior got better and better. We haven't done neurofeedback in almost a full year and his behavior is phenomenal. I truly believe that it helped him." - S.


"A friend of mine referred me to Amanda several months ago. I have struggled with body image, eating disorders, and anxiety for roughly the past 14 years. I've done individual therapy, neurofeedback sessions, and group therapy sessions at Neurofeedback and Counseling Center of Pennsylvania. I finally feel like I'm making progress in moving past my body image issues and disordered eating. My sleep patterns have improved drastically, and I am managing my anxiety. I believe therapy sessions with Amanda have improved my understanding of myself and allow me to see alternative perspectives when managing different stressors in my life. She is also flexible in scheduling, which makes it easy to fit sessions into my own busy schedule. I highly recommend Neurofeedback and Counseling Center of Pennsylvania." - A.


"Through the counseling services and neurofeedback that I have received at Neurofeedback & Counseling Center of Pennsylvania, I have really been able to see a huge difference in myself because of all of the changes I have made. I am getting to know myself, and I feel like I have gotten a second chance at life! Thank you for all of your amazing work, Amanda!" - S.


"When I began seeing Amanda I immediately sensed her genuine acceptance and desire to help.Her expertise as a very skilled therapist has helped me to trust again and reach my goals by providing me with coping skills and guidance. While her insight and proficiency in talk therapy helped me very much, she introduced me to Neurofeedback. I was skeptical at first, but I'm so glad I trusted her. My anxiety has improved greatly! I highly recommend Amanda and her team! I couldn't ask for a better therapist!" - J.


"I am so pleased with the help I received to address some taxing issues. Jean, my counselor, and the staff at the Neurofeedback Center are helpful and kind. I highly recommend her and this office if you are in need." - K.

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