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Gut Feelings

Written by: Amanda Levison, M.S., LMHC, LPC, CCBT

People often say “Mother knows best”. Is that true? Do mothers have a certain intuition when it comes to their children?

Someone I know gave birth to a little baby many years ago. She knew something wasn't right with his eyes immediately, because this was her third child. Doctors told her she was "crazy." Three months later, her son was diagnosed with aniridia (the absence of the iris). She frequently said, "She knew immediately something wasn't right, mother's intuition."

Mother’s intuition may start in the stomach but it continues in your heart and ends in your head. As a mother, you may simply have that feeling that you need to do something about a situation. For instance, do you show up at dismissal at your teenager’s school just because you know she is having car trouble? Or is your child having pain in their side and it’s not just bad Chinese food?

Ask any mother and she will likely have plenty of stories about her motherly intui’tion. In fact, if you look it up there are literally millions of stories and anecdotes which seem to prove it. Whether a mother saved her child from an intruder or a mother knew her son had a bad day at school and needs a special treat tonight after dinner, the examples of this are seemingly endless.

The science shows that often times we can take mother’s advice to the ‘bank’. Just try it and see. We tend to, in our sometimes rebellious nature, ignore the wisdom of the years in our determination to try life on our own. I encourage you to tap into the intuition of your Mother and see for yourself how it will lead you down the best path.

And in the spirit of the celebration of Mothers, don’t forget to send a special card and why not send some flowers as an added measure of gratitude? Take the time to express in writing (yes, remember writing by hand?) just how much she means to you. She will treasure your words and hold them close to her heart for years to come because you will always be her pride and joy.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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