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Diet Trends & Beach Bodies

Written by: Amanda Levison, M.S., LMHC, LPC, CCBT

My friend posted something about the latest trend about diets... "I am TOTALLY intrigued by so many friends posting about their workouts and groups they are joining, primarily, BEACHBODY and ADVOCARE. So what I want to know from you, why did you choose one over the other. Have you been happy with the program you chose and why?"

The truth is, it is group support and a quick fix. It is great if you have a wedding or a special event and you need that immediate result but not long term result. Any diet is a diet for a reason but when you do a lifestyle change you will see long term results. To change or improve the way you look, it is about diet and exercise. We all know that. We have been told that since a young age but let's look further. If it were that easy, we would all have beach bodies and the average American wouldn't be overweight. So why is it so difficult? We don't have time to work out, or don't enjoy it, or don't know the right way to. As for food: we are too lazy to cook, don't know what to prepare, or are emotional eaters. I would like to highlight the emotional eaters. Many times people forget to see that concern as deep as it is, so in hopes to control it they might do the BEACHBODY or ADVOCARE or whatever other trend and receive the support for the month or two but what happens when they are alone, in their head? To fully have a full transformation it takes mind, body, and spirit- not trend.

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